Exercise Every Day

Do you have to work out every single day, or should you allow a day or two of rest in between?


The keys to success is the development of goodВ habits. And theВ best habits to develop for good healthВ isВ exercising every day.

Everyone has it’s own reason why he exercises. SomeoneВ wish to lose weigh, while others wish to increase their strength. Some of themВ enjoy the competition, while others enjoy the social aspect of it. Despite these different reasons, everyone would agree that you feel great after exercise.

After several yearsВ of being very active, I was not exercising as much as I would have liked. I would go through patches where I would exercise 5 days in a row, but that would be followed by 5 days of laziness. I was lost, withoutВ anyВ idea of my exercise goals. Not surprisingly, a lot of the time I generally felt like crap.

I took my first step forwards. I set of goal of feeling healthy and having a general sense of wellbeing. I would do this by exercising 5 times a week. I now had a goal and a plan, and indeed I started to see some positive results. But a funny thing happened. Because I knew that I would have two days off a week I often found that I could not motivate myself to exercise when I had initially planned to. This would be “one of those days off”. You can probably guess what happened. Despite planning to exercise 5 times a week, I actually exercised about 3-4 times. Sure I felt ok, but deep down I knew I was cheating myself. It also made a difference when I played basketball once a week and struggled to keep up.

Exercise Every Day

Here is what I had changed. I began to exercise everyday. No more “this will be my day off”. Now I manage to find at least 30 minutes to exercise every day. For example, I love an after work beer on Fridays. So I exercise in the morning before work on Friday.

For those who have struggled with irregular or non-existent training habits, I highly recommend you consider exercising every day. It may make all the difference.


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