Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Have you heard the saying “Energy Flows, Where Attention Goes?” It is one of the important principles in the law of attraction.


Everything is Energy

Everything isВ made of the same stuff. It is nothing new to mystics, shamans, or modern day physicists. It is the movement of the energy that is important to realize. You create your reality by your energy patterns, and through focus and intent can manifest either what you want or what you don’t want in your life. The energy is neutral. It goes where you direct it, thus you “get what you focus on.”.

Energy Flow

Just as a conduit harnesses electricity and allows it to flow in a particular direction, so your thoughts are harnessed and directed by your ability to focus. We have all heard the term “tuned in”, which is a way of saying that we are focused on an event, feeling, or phenomenon in our lives. The longer we stay focused on that sensation, the stronger the feeling we receive from it and about it. Thus it is said that energy flows where attention goes. Wherever we focus our attention, energy follows.

This helps us tremendously when we meditate, which, in any of its forms, is sustained focus. Here we find the body relaxed and ready for understanding or direction to change. Problems seem to be resolved easier and connections to other people, places or things become stronger and require less effort. Energy flows more freely and we manifest things more quickly. That’s being “tuned in.”

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Therefore becoming clear of what you want (and not on what you want to avoid) is essential for creating things in this world. That’s where the power of vision comes in place. You need a vision to focus your energy like a laser – otherwise your energy will be scattered (and therefore powerless). Think about what has more power – a laser beam or a light bulb.

Did you know that every time you concentrate and focus on something for more than a few seconds you are indeed meditating? Meditation comes from the latin root “med” which means “to measure” – the same root that forms the word medicine. And yes, meditation is one of the best medicines available. But with our new definition of meditation, you don’t have to sit down for hours and watch your breath to meditate (it isn’t a bad practice though, there are a lot of great benefits by practicing regular meditation settings). You meditate naturally several times a day. But unfortunately very often with a bad placed focus. Every form of remembering bad memories is a meditation – a meditation on failure, lack, sorrow and so much more. You can also call it hypnosis – which is another name for a state of focused attention. And since the introduction of the concept of guided meditation the borders between hypnosis and meditation have become very thin.

Since energy follows where attention goes it is not about practicing meditation for 1 hour a day and then not change the rest of your focus, it is about the sum or the general attitude you have towards life.

Judy LynneВ explains the meaning of “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes” in the video below.


Image: Infinite Waters – Diving Deep

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