How To Eliminate Helicon Bacteria From The Root

A Helicon bacterium isВ one of the most boring infection which is spreading in the stomach and duodenum.

How To Eliminate Helicon Bacteria From The Root

Many stomach diseases are caused by this bacterium. It is curedВ special antibiotics and pro-biotics by the traditional medicine, but the natural medicine hasВ much better weapon against it.

If you want to treat your Helicon bacterium on a natural way, first you shouldВ determine the acidity of the stomach juice. If you acidity is increased, you should useВ juice from potato, but if the acidity is normal, you can go withВ linseed, tea from herbs and juice of cabbage.

In case increased acid, you should consumeВ 1 tablespoonВ of linseed with 200ml hot water.В Cover it and let it stand for 3 hours. At the end, you shouldВ filtrate itВ and take 1 tablespoon from the gained mucus before each meal.В The mucus will cover the walls of the stomach and reduces the pain.

The other option is juice from potatoes. You should use three medium sized potatoes, remove their peel and put them in juicer. Consume half cup before each meal. It will claim the stomach and reduce the pain.

In case of normal acidity in your stomach, you can use tea from herbs. To prepare this, you need 1 teaspoon from of each: chamomile, St. John’s wort, yarrow and greater celandine. Just pour half a liter of boiled water on the mixture of herbs and let it stay for one hour. You should filter the tea and consume 50ml before each meal.

Also, you can consume juice of cabbage in case of low acidity. You should use small cabbage and squeeze the juice out of it. Drink the juice one hour before meal.


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