The Most Effective Method to Cure a Toothache In 5 Seconds

Toothaches are terrible experience. The pain could be so hard and irritating that it makes you nervous and bad-tempered. It can ruin your day and deprive you of sleep.

The Most Effective Method to Cure a Toothache In 5 Seconds

Toothache can be triggered by several reasons, such as an abscessed tooth, tooth decay, a damaged filling, a tooth fracture, infected gums and repetitive motions such as grinding teeth or chewing gum.

The pain of the toothache can vary. Mild pain is normally manifests as tooth sensitivity to hot/cold or to direct contact with the tooth. Also, the pain can be sharp, throbbing pain or dull and continual pain.

In case of toothache you must visit a dentist. But, you should use some natural ways to relieve the pain until you get an appointment.

1. Cloves or clove oil is one of the most commonly used home remedy against toothache. It’s very easy to try. Just put 1-2 cloves in your mouth. Slowly press the cloves with your teeth. This will neutralize the pain, but keep in mind that it don’t heal your tooth.

2. Warm salt water tooth rinse. Mix glass of warm water with one teaspoon of salt until the salt dissolves. Swish the liquid around your sick tooth to rinse it well, especially to remove any food residues.

3. Holding up your head. ItВ will relieve the pressure surrounding your painful tooth and that willВ also sooth the throbbing pain.

4. Garlic. You should apply a glove of garlicВ directly on your painful tooth. It hasВ analgesic and antiseptic properties that will relieve tooth pain very fast.

5. Cold compresses. You can put on the cheek several cold ice cubesВ where the painful tooth is.

6. Rinse with 3% hydrogen. It is very beneficial, because it will removeВ food residues stuck between your teeth and gums. Also, it willВ relieve the toothache.

7. Used teabag. It is an old remedy. Just apply used warm teabag on yourВ sick tooth.

8. Pain killer. You can directly applyВ aspirin or another pain killer. You should avoid contact of the aspirin or any pain killer to your surrounding gums, because it can damage the gums and cause a burning sensation.

You will easily get rid of tooth pain withВ these home remedies, but youВ should still visit aВ dentist, becauseВ toothache is always an indication that something more serious is going inВ your tooth.


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