Effective Anti-Cellulite Diet With Amazing Result

There areВ many different opinions about theВ cellulite.В Cellulite isn’t aВ build-up of toxins, as the beautyВ therapists thinks.В It’s actually fat held in stacked lipid boxes. When you gain weight, these boxes start to thicken,В the fat is squished upwards, creating a dimpled look.

Effective Anti-Cellulite Diet With Amazing Result

In this article we present to you anВ anti-cellulite diet with cabbage, apples and oranges. The combination of theseВ three products perfectly fight cellulite. TheyВ are particularly suitable as the basis for anti-cellulite diet rich in fiber.

Cabbage is a great source of mineral fabrics, thanks to which discharged the excess fluid from the body. Also, it contains some substances that can delay the conversion of sugar and other carbohydrates into fat.

Apples are balanced composition of vitamins, minerals, fruit acids, pectin, etc.В They are able to improve the process ofВ digestion and cleanse the body of toxins.

Oranges are rich in vitamin C, contain minerals, essential oils, pectin. They can reduce cholesterol levels, mitigate physical and mental fatigue, the lower the blood pressure.

General rules of the anti-cellulite diet

  • You shouldВ completely avoid sugar
  • The salt should be minimized
  • You need to avoid any consumption of alcohol, sweets and fried foods
  • Eat slowly
  • Chew better
  • Drink more mineral water and green tea
  • Coffee should be limited to one day
  • Dinner must be at least 3 hours beforeВ bedtime

TheВ anti-cellulite diet

Breakfast: 1 cup of tea or coffee without sugar, a sandwich of two pieces of corn or rye bread with grated apple, orange or leaves of cabbage.В On them you can put a slice low-fat cheese.

Second breakfast: 1 apple or 1 orange.


Salad choice:

  • Example 1: salad of cabbage and apples, seasoned with a little vegetable oil
  • Example 2: salad of cabbage, oranges and apples
  • Example 3: salad of cabbage and carrots, seasoned with a little lemon juice

Soup optional:

  • Example 1: lean soup without fat
  • Example 2: Cabbage soup without fat
  • Example 3: Vegetable soup without fat

Main course:

  • Example 1: 150 g boiled or roast chicken without skin
  • Example 2: 150 g fish
  • Example 3: 200 g of dust curds

Afternoon snack: 1 apple or 1 orange

Dinner:В Boiled cabbage with onions or garlic without fat,В 2 eggs with finely chopped cabbage,В 2 bananas

Before going to bed: 1 cup yogurt or sour milk, 1 apple or 1 orange.


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