She Eats Even 50 Bananas a Day: Today, Her Body Looks Unrecognizable!

Lin Ratcliffe is a very popular internet star, with more then 450.000 followers on Instagram.

She Eats Even 50 Bananas a Day Today Her Body Looks Unrecognizable

She is known as “banana girl”, because she isВ eats up to 50 bananas per day. This is the key for her fit shape, she says.

She has her own nutrition plan, which is calledВ “Raw till 4” diet.В Until four in the afternoon Lin eats only raw fruit, and for dinner a vegan meal containing carbohydrates.

Lin lost 20 kg with her diet and now she is an inspiration for many women who likesВ to lose weight.

But, nutritionistsВ doesn’t support this diet.В Diets like this are not good for the body because the body does not receive important minerals such as calcium, healthy fats and vitamins, according to a famous nutritionВ Evangelina Mantzioris.В Too much fructose from fruit is equivalent of a few cans of Coke a day, she added. The recommended intake of fruits isВ only two servings a day.

Lin’sВ “Raw till 4” is not supported by the nutritionists, but the results from this diet are amazing. So, what do you think about this diet?


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