We Are Eating Toxins? Here is How to Recognize GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps!

Some people have a strict standard to eat only an organic food. There are some supermarkets where the food is selected in different shelves if it is an organic or not. But, when the supermarket doesn’t have such selection, you should assess alone if a produce is of organic origin. (1)

We Are Eating Toxins Here is How to Recognize GMO Tomatoes In 2 Easy Steps

In recent time, there are more and more GMO products, such as tomatoes. It’s very important to understand how you canВ distinguish between GMO and organic tomatoes? (2)

Genetically Modified foods are disturbingly commonplace – and we don’t always know when we’re eating them. With so many dangerous side effects observed in GM foods, and with insufficient testing of the long-term impact of these artificial foods, can we be sure that GM foods are safe? (3)

Nobody knows why the FDA keep the consumers in secret and don’t let them knowВ that the tomatoes they consume may be hybrid sort with from genes, which are resistant to low temperatures. Some of the people are not worried about this at all, but there are some other group of people who are interested to detect theВ GMO tomatoes.

Here is how you can detect:

Conventionally grown fruits and veggies have a tag with a code which is composed of four digits.

Organically grown fruits and veggies have a price tagВ of five digits, starting with the number 9.

Genetically modified fruits and veggies have price tags with a 5-digit code, beginning with the number 8.

Over 80% of theВ processed food in the U.S is genetically modified, so it’s very importantВ to take these tips into consideration.

Many countries in Europe already banned the GMO products, includingВ Luxemburg, Hungary, Germany, France, Greece, and Austria.

The final decision about consumption of GMO products should be in the hands of theВ consumers. So, they needВ to follow the tips above and choose the right produce or consume whatever you are offered with.

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