Why Durian Plus Cola is a Deadly Combination to Eat and Drink?

Have you ever heard about Durian? It is a very healthy fruit which comes fromВ Southeast Asia and it is known as theВ King of Fruits. (1)

Why Durian Plus Cola is a Deadly Combination to Eat and Drink

This fruit is known for hundreds of years, but even now it starts to gain mainstream popularity. It is very beneficial, but it’s not recommended too eat too much of it.

We should be aware that combination of Durian and Coke can be deadly for you! Recently, it wasВ aВ fatal combination for one tourist on Thailand. There are many reports who warns about the fatal combinations of Durian withВ several products like milk, Coke, alcohol and coffee. (2)

28 years old tourist from China died because he ate plenty of Durian and he drank a lot of Coke, said Kim-Siang Ng. He named the combination as “cobra poison”, and he warns people to avoid Coke if they eat Durian.

Even the authorities in Thailand released a warning, after this terrible case. They advised people to avoid drink anything which containsВ caffeine for 8h after eating Durian.

The death of a Chinese tourist happenedВ fromВ caffeine intoxication, which result surge in blood pressure.

InВ University of Tsukuba was conducted a study fromВ John Maninang and Hiroshi Gemma. They found that these combinations exists, because the fruit is richВ in sulfur which impairs alcohol breakdown. ThisВ can disable the activity of an enzyme that assists to remove toxic products from the organism by up to 70%.

So, the tourist died becauseВ the enzymes aren’t allowed to finished their tasks,В due to the high sulfur content.

Now, when you know about this combination, you shouldВ never drink anything containingВ caffeine if you eat Durian.

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