Drink a Glass of Water at 6 AM: The Whole World is Going Crazy About This! Find Out Why!

Definitely, water is the most beneficial drinks for our overall health.В As we already know,В our brains are madeВ of about 70% waterВ andВ our bodies about 80% of water.

Drink a Glass of Water at 6 AM The Whole World is Going Crazy About This Find Out Why

With implementing a simple habit in our lifestyle, we can help our body to prevent any disease and to stay vital. All we have to do is drink a glass of water the moment weВ wake up. (1)

This habit is known asВ the Japanese water therapy. Experts confirm that this therapyВ provides long-term prevention against a number of diseases including arthritis, colitis, migraine, chest pain, hypertension, asthma, as well as high blood cholesterol levels.

According toВ Ayurveda, consumption of water is more beneficial if the water is hot. It stimulates digestion, and helps in the release of metabolic waste. (2)

You can also prepare a alkaline water. ItВ will give you more energy, help you to focus, and reduce cravings. (3)

On first moment you could think this isВ trivial, but here is why drinking waterВ in the morning should be your lifelong habit:

  1. You should drinkВ 650ml or approximately 3 glasses of water after waking up. Avoid drinking tap water unless purified. Also, you can improve the health benefits by adding a teaspoon of baking soda. It will help you to alkalizing your body. If you think 3 glasses of water is problematic for you, you can start with one and slowly increase the the dosage.
  2. It is recommended to wait for at least half an hour before you have breakfast.
  3. Drink at least one glass of water before each meal, but avoid drinking water during or 2 hours after meals.
  4. The health benefits of this simple habit are confirmed by the Medical Society of Japan: it takes about 3 days of this treatment to relieve arthritis, 10 days for any gastric issues as well as constipation, a month to reduce hypertension and symptoms of diabetes, and 3 months for treatment of tuberculosis.

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