She Drank Carrot Juice Daily In The Morning For 8 Months and Something Amazing Happened

Ann Cameron is a famous author of children’s books. She had colon cancer which was in stage 3. Her husband died in 2005 from lung cancer and chemo.

She Drank Carrot Juice Daily In The Morning For 8 Months and Something Amazing Happened

She refused to walk the same path as her husband andВ said no for chemo.

In June 2012 she was supposed to get the surgery, while she refused the chemo at the same time. From day to day she felt better, butВ after half a year, the controlВ showed that the cancer is spreading to lungs, up to stage 4.

She made a research and found Ralph Kalley’s story who had skin cancer at age 26. Ralph was able to cure his cancer by herself, with making juice everyday from 2.5 kg of carrots.

Ann decided to try the same recipe. She was making this juice every day andВ drankВ equal servings.

The result was amazing – After 8 weeks of drinking of this juice,В the cancer never spread again. It even shrinkedВ at the same time as the lymph nodes too.

After 4 months it was made aВ tomography check where it was confirmed that there is no cancer!

The benefits:

Carrot juice is very beneficial for our overall health, mainly because ofВ the fatty alcohol and the natural pesticides thatВ preventВ growth of tumors. TheВ carrot are also rich inВ carotene that is a good prevention from cancer cells.


  • 6 carrots
  • 1 inch fresh turmeric or Вј- ВЅ teaspoon of dry one
  • 1 inch ginger piece
  • ВЅ lemon peeled
  • ВЅ cup water
  • 1/8 tsp dry cinnamon


It is very simple to prepare this remedy. You just need to blend all the ingredients together. You can consume it with aВ pulp. Also, you canВ strain it with a nice mash sieve. If you prefer, you canВ add cinnamon and water to dilute.


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