Don’t Use Cell Phone While Charging, It’s Dangerous!

Did you know that using your smartphone while it is charging can be really dangerous for you?В Your smartphone can make flame or burstВ which can do serious damage to the body.

Dont Use Cell Phone While Charging It is Dangerous

Recently, anВ Indian kidВ has been hurt badly when his smartphone exploded in his hand. Firstly, they think the reason was theВ expanded radiation caused by low battery.

Mobile phones increases the emit radiation when the battery is low. But,В low battery is not the culprit, the weak sign is. When the signal is very weak, the phone is working harder to emitВ more radiation. This is the reason why is recommended to keep distance from your phone when you are inВ an elevator, tunnel andВ remote country sides.

However, in this case the reason was not the low battery and expanded radiation. The true is that kidВ used a non-endorsed Chinese charger.

Using fake chargers can increase the risk of blasts and explosions which can make damages to your body. Even the famous smartphone brands are advisingВ theirВ customers not to use fake chargers.


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