Don’t Eat Bananas If You Find This, It Might Kill You!

TheВ super markets are really well equippedВ nowadays, but the customers should check very wellВ what they are buying. If you are not careful, the product you bought may causeВ trouble to you and your family.

Dont Eat Bananas If You Find This It Might Kill You

Maria LaytonВ had such an experience when she boughtВ bananas for her 6 years old daughter. She kept the bag with bananas in theВ kitchen counterВ for the whole day before anyone opened it.

The next day, when she decided to give a banana to herВ daughter, she noticed that something was wrong. She found aВ giant spider cocoon on the banana. When sheВ checked out another piece, she foundВ massive spider cocoon. Also, there was a massive spider webВ all over the other bananas.

She complained at Tesco immediately. TheyВ give her full refund and ask her toВ return the bananas for investigation.

Maria were a lucky customer who noticed that on the bananas before giving one to her daughter,В otherwise it couldВ have been poisonous.

These kind of spiders canВ kill humans in only 2 hours!

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