What Doctors Will Never Tell You: Apricot Seeds Kill Cancer Cells Without Side Effects!

Dr. Ernst T. Krebs might sound unfamiliar to you, but the discovery which he made of amygdalin in 1952, also known B17 ( as he called it) is one of the best, if not the best discoveries made in the alternative cancer fighting medicine. This is because of the power which the amygdalin has in destroying cancer cells.

Apricot seeds are the ingredient which contains the highest concentrations of amygdalin in it. But, a big portion of you have not even heard about its powers to eliminate cancer. Have you thought of why we haven’t heard of this?

The answer to this question which is the most logical is that the commercial cancer curing treatments are frequently put forward by strong and wealthy companies which rely on the sales of these medications and treatments, and the keep promoting them even though these medications and treatments are not as efficient as the alternative ones.

Edward Griffin says that the herbs and ingredients which can cure cancer have been existing long before we (the humans) have found a way to make profit off of them, and that they can be as effective if not even more effective if we don’t involve into their development, and besides all of these a lot of people don’t even know that these cures really exist out there.

Why the apricot seeds are effective?

Well, the first reason why they are effective is because they contain a lot of amygdalin, a lot more than the majority of the fruits which can be found out there. The amygdalin targets the cancer cells in the human body and it eliminates them giving strength to the immune system while it eliminates the cancer cells. With this action it also protects the body from the recurrence of the cancer.

The study of the “Hunza” tribe of the Himalayan Mountains, with a diet primarily based on apricots confirmed this fact. The results from this experiment were that the people from the “Hunza” tribe had 200 times the amygdalin (B17) in their body than most of the western people, there for not having a single case of cancer. The 2 glucoses, benzaldyhide and cyanide are the main reason why the amygdalin has such an effect on the cancer cells. No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The amygdalin is made up of cyanide as well. But, don’t worry it doesn’t have the poisonous properties because it is a part from a larger compound and when it is mixed in a compound it is not poisonous at all.

When the amygdalin enters the organism and it reaches a healthy cell, it takes less than 90 minutes for the amygdalin to be further decomposed from the Rhodanese enzyme into Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid, both of which protect and heal the healthy cell. And if by any chance bigger quantities of amygdalin go into the body, all of the leftovers of the Thiocyanate and Benzoic acid are flushed out of the human body with urinating. But, when the amygdalin (B17) gets to a cancer cell it is not broken down on the smaller ingredients by the Rhodanese (because the cells affected by cancer do not have it), but it is taken in into a chemical reaction with Beta – Gucosidase, and as a result of this reaction it produces poisons which only target and eliminate the cancerous cells, while the healthy cells are left untouched.

This process is professionally known as selective toxicity. But, this ingredient has never been patented because of it being a process which is caused by the nature itself, and it is not a chemical design which is made by us (the humans).

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