Doctors May Have Found a Way For Early Ovarian Cancer Detection and Treatment

Every year in United States, more than 22.000 womenВ are diagnosed with ovarian cancer.В 14.000 of them diedВ due to late detection of theВ disease.

Doctors May Have Found a Way For Early Ovarian Cancer Detection and Treatment

In new report from the National Academies of Sciences, doctors says: it’s crucial to have a better understanding of ovarian cancer. It’s very important for improvementВ diagnosis, treatment, and survival.

In the report, Dr. Douglas Levine explains howВ ovarian cancer shouldn’t be seen as aВ single disease, but a collection of different types of cancer that usually start in the uterus or the Fallopian tubes.

“When you start to figure out the origin, it tells you information that is important about treatment, prevention and mechanisms of developing cancer,” Dr. Levine said.

“The ovary itself is such a fertile area for the cells to implant with lots of blood vessels and nutrients that they don’t actually begin on the ovary, but they actually metastasize to the ovary.”, according to Dr. Beth Karlan from Cedars Sinai Medical Center.

At this moment, there is no effective way of finding ovarian cancer in the early stage. Because of that, we suggestВ universal genetic testing for all women.

Morgan Melnikoff, aВ thirty four year women, made genetic testing and found that she isВ at increased risk.

“I was not going to gamble with my life, especially knowing that they would not be able to catch ovarian cancer in its early stages,” she said.

So Melnikoff opted for preventive surgery, forВ removing the ovaries, Fallopian tubes, and a full hysterectomy.

InВ ovarian cancer cases, the cells turns into cancer for a very short timeВ and spread very quickly.В “We really have a very limited window of opportunity to identify the cancer cells”,В said Dr. Levine.


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