Doctors Hide From Us this Technique to Improve the Eyesight! No More Glasses!

With this powerful method you can improve your vision, butВ it is kept in a secret.

Doctors Hide From Us this Technique to Improve the Eyesight No More Glasses

The method is consist of easy eye exercises which will strengthen your eye muscles and that can result with better vision.

If you have a problem with your eye vision, you should follow this steps:

1. Every three hours try to close your eyes for one minute and let your eyes get rest.

2. You should practiceВ some eye exercises every day. It will help to improve your eyesight.

3. You should eat more carrots and drink carrot juice. They are very beneficial for your eyes health.

4. If you wear lenses, try to take them off for several minutes for every couple of hours.

5. Massage your eyes every day.

6. Every time you take a shower, you need to wash your eyes using warm water.

7. Avoid using computer at least two hours before bed time.

8.В Try to focus on one point for several minutes. Then you can change the focus to some different distance object for other several minutes. If you fill that your eyes areВ irritates, close them for a minute.


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