Doctor Looks Inside 3-Year-Old’s Mouth, Then Asks Mom If She Gave Him This to Drink

Dental health is very important for us and we need to take a proper care of our teeth. We should also teach our children how to take care of theirs.

Doctor Looks Inside 3 Year Olds Mouth Then Asks Mom If She Gave Him This to Drink

Tooth decay in children become very common problem nowadays. Recently, a doctor in New Zealand pulled out 11 teeth from a 3 year old boy. The teeth were rotting!

It’s known that sugary snacks and soda destroy teeth, but parents doesn’t take action against it. Most of the kids are consuming soda or a sugary snack every day, and it happens constantly. You need to take action and make sure that your kids will no longer consume it.

Also it’s very important to enforce teeth brushing in your household. If your kids grow up without brushing their teeth, they will never do that when they’re adults. In order to remove the plaque or buildup on their teeth, you should learn them how to brush properly.


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