Do You Know That Tears Can Be Beneficial? Take a Look at What Can Be Cured by Crying!

Tears act as a protective factor from bacteria or reaction to some chemicals that irritate the eye. But despite that, it’s widely known that crying we get can rid us of negative emotions.


AВ lot of scientific research suggest that crying is beneficial:

  • The eyes are purifying byВ the tears
    The tears can kill almost allВ harmful bacteria in several minutes. They act like aВ natural antibiotic.
  • TheВ eyesight can be improved by the tears
    Sometimes you might have noticedВ problems with the eyesight andВ the picture youВ see is simply blurry. This is happened because theВ eye membrane isВ dehydrated.В When we cry, the tears ensure the wetness of the membrane thus improving the eyesight.
  • The tears eliminate toxins
    The researcherВ William Fey,В  from the Ramzey Medical Centre in Minneapolis,В found out that the chemical structure of the tears depends on what caused them. If the tears areВ reflexive, caused by irritating of the eye (for exaple like cutting onions) are consisted of 98 % water. TheВ emotional tears are full with the stress hormone, prolactin.
  • Tears offer consolation
    Interesting is that crying is connectedВ by higher activity in certain part of the nervous system whose responsibility is to calm the body after stressful event and to slow down the heart beats.В Researches have also found out that crying increases the level of the happiness hormone oxytocin, which prevents the release of the stress hormone, cortisol. Besides, crying releases endorphins, hormones which are released during physical exercise or sex.
  • Tears offer connection with other people and emotional relief
    Crying helps us to continue with our lives more easily.В The cry wakes up our protective instincts and acts as a cry for help.В When people see someone crying, their protective instinct starts to work and they want to console that person. This is howВ vulnerability helps us connect with other people.
  • Interesting facts about tears
    According to Professor Ad Vingerhoets, psychologist and a leading expert in the area of crying at the Tilburg University in Netherlands, women cry four times more than men, but it seems that both men and women cry equally when there are moments in life like grieving for someone who died.
    Interesting is thatВ men cry when there are good events while women cry on bad events. This difference is because of the hormones, theВ experts are explains.В The testosterone prevents the urge of crying, while the hormone prolactin instigates empathy and tears.


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