Do You Have the Money Plant in Your Home? It Cleans the Air and Brings Good Luck!

The golden pothos is also known as “devil’s ivy” or “money plant”. ItВ becomes very popularВ due to the fact that you can grow it easily and does not require any special care.

Devils Ivy It Cleans the Air and Brings Good Luck

This plant is a native of Australia, Indonesia, China, Japan and India.В Although it does wonderfully as a house plant, growing it outdoors is illegal in some states, as it has been declared an invasive species.

These days theВ people start to be aware about it’s beneficial effect on human health.В It is believed that this plant brings good luck and hasВ ability to purify the air.В Also thisВ plant absorbs the formaldehyde and many other harmful chemicals. About 70 percent of body detoxification is done through breathing and В therefore it is extremely important to live and work in places with clean air.

The plant looks its best sitting on a high table or in a hanging basket where the long vines can drape over the sides of the pot.В Their climbing/trailing habit makes them extremely decorative and useful in a variety of settings, and their variegated forms add a type of interest not available with true philodendron.В In the wild, this plant will grow up to 66 feet tall.

You can place it directly to the sun, except when it’s too hot outside. The light affects the color of the leaves. The leaves can be with dark or light color. ItВ requires regular watering, but you should not exaggerate. You should water the plant more if you see brown spots on the leaves.

On theВ video below you canВ find out how to grow this plant.


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