Do You Fart A Lot? Do You Know What Your Flatulence Means? (Video)

Farting is commonly a source of laughter. Do you fart a lot every day? Does your farts smells very strong?

Do You Fart A Lot What Flatulence Means

Have you ever found yourself trapped in a situation that you just farted and are desperately trying to hide it? Have you ever had desperate attempt to avoid a fart, but you can’t? In this kind of situations you may ask yourself “why do I fart so much?”, “Why do I have to fart right now?” or “Why are my farts so smelly?” Maybe this will give you the answer.

What are the causes of farting?

Farting is a highly embarrassing think, especially when you are in public with some other people in your environment. In order to avoid farting, you should understand the underlying causes.

It can be caused as an allergic effect to certain food. There are a lot of people who are allergic to lactose. Also, constipation can be a reason for often fart. Menstruation in women can also be a reason for bloated stomach with flatulence. Excessive farting can be caused by changing the microflora.

Does flatulence have any benefits for you?

Producing flatulence may be a sign of a healthy diets that are good for the heart, circulation, and rich in fiber may cause a lot of flatulence. This can be caused especially if the food is rich in nutritional value.

What does my fart smell mean?

Some foods cause fart to be with stronger smell than others. For example, vegetables usually cause smelly farts that are similar to how they smell while they are being cooked. You may not even realize how many times you fart during the day, due to most farts being silent and odorless.

How to control or stop flatulence?

Farts are natural part of our body. Sometimes you may suffer from bloated belly with too much gas which is caused by illness or some spoiled food.

If you like to control your flatulence, first you need to control what you eat. Beans are a known instigator of flatulence and they are definitely guilty suspects. If you have lactose intolerance, you should avoid milk or other dairy products which contains lactose. Flatulence can be caused by broccoli and Brussels sprouts.


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