Her Diet Became a Hit: She Lost 55 Pounds In 100 Days!

Sophie King became an Internet sensation after she lost 55 pounds in 100 days, thanks to her own diet.

Her Diet Became a Hit She Lost 55 Pounds In 100 Days

She is 26 years old blogger and teacher.В Her weight of 194 poundsВ caused her some health problems, so she decided to change something in herВ lifestyle.

In fact, it is a very simple diet. She excluded all theВ pills and supplements from her diet, and she completely switched toВ balanced nutrition and meals.

She published her diet inВ her blog, whichВ attracted over ten thousand new followers.

After 100 days of the diet, she took a photo to show the results.

SheВ stopped playing sportsВ after sheВ broke her ankle at 17 years. Then she started to getВ fat andВ lived an unhealthy life, so the health problemsВ started to happen. At that moment she decided to change her life for better.

Sophie created her blog in order toВ share her experience with all the other people who struggle with excess weight. Today she looks really amazing, inspires a lot of people in their weight loss process, and she is living a healthy life!

Source:В nammana.com

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