If You Have Diabetes, You Don’t Need Toxic Medication, You Can Heal Yourself With These Powerful Ingredients!

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the pancreas is not able to produces enough insulin or produced insulin in the body doesn’t perform it’s function. This condition is also known as “insulin resistance”.

If You Have Diabetes You Dont Need Toxic Medication You Can Heal Yourself With These Powerful Ingredients

There are more then 380 million people with diabetes, according to The World Health Organization. It shows that diabetes is a very common condition.

People with diabetes should have a proper diet in order to manage the illness. They can keep diabetes under control with certain medications or with natural remedies.

Statistics show shocking results that one American dies in every three minutes as a result of diabetes. It takes more lives compared to AIDS and breast cancer.

Diabetes can also cause other health issues and complications, such as stroke, blindness, heart disease, kidney failure and amputations.

People with diabetes need to control their blood sugar levels, by taking the prescription, healthy diet and natural medications.

In addition we are going to show you the best natural remedy which helps you to lower the sugar level.


  • 6 lemons
  • 300 g celery


Wash the celery root, grate it and put it in an enamel pot. In the pot add juice of 6 lemons and close the pot well. Place the pot in another pot which is bigger and fill with water.

Place the pot on a heat and wait until the water starts to boil, then simmer on low heat. After several minutes remove the pot from the stove. When the water cooled off, you can open the smaller pot. Pour the mixture in a glass jar, close well and place in refrigerator.


You should take one tablespoon of the remedy about 30 minutes before breakfast.

The blood sugar levels will normalize after two months of using the remedy.

Source: mycentralhealth.com

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