If You Have a Crease In Your Earlobe It Means This About Your Health!

The human body can grow and change over time. It can even heal itself after some serious disease, illness or accident.

If You Have a Crease In Your Earlobe It Means This About Your Health

Also, our body has ability to tell us when it hasВ potential health risks. Doctors haveВ collected health data forВ several conclusions about certain characteristics of the body which can point to health issues. This data can help you toВ adjust your lifestyle in order to protect yourself fromВ potential risks.

There was an interesting conclusion about some characteristics in theВ earlobe, which wereВ unveiled in the American Journal of Medicine. The researchers found thatВ a crease in one earlobe canВ increase the riskВ of cardiovascular disease for 33%. IfВ creases appears in both earlobes, the chances of gettingВ cardiovascular disease areВ increased to 77%.

Also, there is another interesting finding fromВ Dana-Farber Cancer Institute which shows that peopleВ who are A, B, or AB blood types are 44% more likely to develop pancreatic cancer than people who have type O.

There is interesting fact about the tall of women. Those who are over 5 feet 2 inches tall have lower life expectancies than shorter women. Those who are over this height rarely live past the age of 100. Women with naturally wider waists have nearly four times the risk of developing dementia in their 70’s.

The risk of getting this kind of diseases can be reduced by healthy lifestyle, including regularВ exercise and diet.

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