There is a Crazy Conspiracy Theory That China is Selling The World Fake Cabbage

In Japan it’s very popularВ ultra-realistic food made out of plastic, wax and other materials, and then painted. In the video below you can see a man who are makingВ a very authentic-looking head of cabbage and usesВ only a hot wax and water.

It’s really amazing to see how the wax turns into a cabbage and how it looks real andВ authentic. The video is viewed more then 7 million times.

This kind of fake food was made in Japanese restaurants just to help people choose their order. This idea for food models in Japanese restaurants began in the 1920s.

This kind of fake food has been also created in China. Recently, a business publication inВ PhilippinesВ warned people to be careful with the cabbage theyВ buy, because China can even fake it.


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