Chemotherapy is a Dangerous Treatment and Only a Waste of Money! Dr. Glidden Reveals the Modern Medicine!

This year in USA more then a half million people died, because of theВ cancer healthy system. The statistics show that the numberВ of suicides at the doctors is increased. Also the alcohol and drug addiction isВ getting larger.

Chemotherapy is a Dangerous Treatment and Only a Waste of Money Dr Glidden Reveals the Modern Medicine

Cancer is definitely the most massive killer around the world, according to theВ National Health Institute. In 2015 wereВ 1.657.000 new diseased.

Almost every patient with cancer is treated based entirely on chemotherapy and operations. However, only few doctorsВ haveВ encouraged to say the true aboutВ chemotherapy. Dr. Peter Glidden is one of them, and hisВ explanation of his research wereВ published inВ the Journal of Clinical Oncology, which isВ highly appreciated magazine.

He confirmed thatВ 97% of chemotherapy patients were not able toВ survive. The statistic is made on adults in period of 12 years, which were exposed toВ chemotherapy.В Dr. Glidden is one of the few doctors around the world who ask the question:В why the chemotherapy is still in use?

Money are one and only reason why the chemotherapy is still in use, Dr. Glidden says. Doctors buyВ chemo medicines from the pharmaceutical companies and make a big profit of them.

An Australian study made a research ofВ the effect ofВ cytotoxic chemotherapy. They found theВ total effectВ in Australia is 2.3% and 2.1% in the USA.

“This is just a tip of the iceberg of control which the pharmaceutical industry has over us, people” saysВ Glidden.

Dr. Leonard Coldwell has similar perspective, and he explains theВ chemotherapy as aВ poisoned gas of the healthy system.

“They bombard the whole human organism and then they tell you that the cancer is in remission”, tellsВ Dr. Coldwell.

“The chemotherapy destroys all the biochemical and bioelectric functions in the body- says Dr. Coldwell- taking in consideration that in your body nothing works anymore you don’t have cancer anymore, you think that you are cured. But years after your body recovers, the cancer is back and you are dead- notes Coldwell. That is a lethal weapon attack,” he added.


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