CAUTION!: This Man Died Days After This Red Spot Showed Up! Doctor Freaked When Figured Out Why?

Before six months, a man fromВ Kansas died a horrifying death. This case completely shocked hisВ doctor, because heВ had no explanationВ what had caused hisВ demise. Afterward, itВ haveВ been determined the reasonВ -В a new virus that is being transmitted through ticks.

CAUTION This Man Died Days After This Red Spot Showed Up Doctor Freaked When Figured Out Why

The disease is viral and there is no antibiotic that can treat it! At this moment it isВ hitting the United States.В Nothing like this has ever been seen in the Western hemisphere, according to the experts. But, it is very similar to some diseases which wereВ already seen in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

The virus was calledВ Bourbon virus, because the manВ who died lived in Bourbon County, Kansas. The virusВ lead to anorexia, severe muscle pain and extremely high fever that was ultimately killed this man.


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