Be Careful If You See This Bug In Your Home! Do Not Try to Kill It By Yourself!

Have you ever heard about assassin bug? It’s a cockroach which looks like a bug, but it can be very dangerous!

Be Careful If You See This Bug In Your Home Do Not Try to Kill It By Yourself

It feeds on human blood much like a mosquito. It usually bite the area of the face, especially during the sleep.

The bite usually looks like mosquito bites, and the area begins to itch and as the host scratches the bite introducing the pathogen. The person get sick shortly after the bite, and can eventually die!

The bug is also known as a kissing bug, because it bites the area around the face. Scientists found that it can transmit the American trypanosomiasis disease, which is deadly to animals and humans. In Texas, the disease is also known as Chagas.

While the kissing bug feeding the blood, it leaves part of their saliva into the bitten body. Their saliva is infected with parasite Trypanosoma cruzi, which can further lead to Chagas.

Chagas damages the nervous system and the heart, and can easily kill a person, if it’s not treated immediately.

We recommend you to call a professional extermination service if you see this bug in your house.


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