Car Safety Tips During Pregnancy. Every Pregnant Woman Need To See This!

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful periodsВ of life for every women. Also, it can be stressful and difficult period, which requires special care for both, her baby and herself. However, sometimes the women ignore or forget some general things during the pregnancy, such asВ car safety.

Car Safety Tips During Pregnancy Every Pregnant Woman Need To See This

The information from The Center For Disease Control and Prevention is frightening – 32,800 pregnant women are injured due to lack of car safetyВ and most of them have lost their babies!

We all can agree that car safety is very important, especially during pregnancy. Now you can learn how to protect your baby:

BuckleВ up:

According to theВ National Highway Safety Admin, most of the pregnant women are using their seat belt wrong, which can be dangerous for their babies.

The belt must be worn across the chest and the lab belt should be placed under the belly. You shouldn’t place your belt across the belly, because it can harm the baby.

AvoidВ driving:

You should avoid driving while you are pregnant, because in most cases the belly is big enough so there is very little gap between the belly and theВ steering wheel. In such a case, even a small crush can be dangerous for your baby, because theВ steering wheel can rush into your belly.

Don’tВ leanВ forward:

While you are travelling you should always wear yourВ seat belt. When you have your belt on,В you won’tВ lean forward in case of crush. Leaning forward can make excessive pressure in your belly that can harm the baby.


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