Cancer Packed In a Can! This is One of the Most Unhealthy Products On the Market!

Pringles is one of the most popular chips in the world, which is sold in over 140 countries. But, according to the latest finding they are a serious health threat!

Cancer Packed In a Can This is One of the Most Unhealthy Products On the Market

In fact, they are not made of potatoes, but a mixture of numerous additives with potato flakes, corn, and wheat. Some of the additives found in Pringles are carcinogens and toxins.

In the process of preparation, all the ingredients are blend into dough, then pressed with molds to form the cut-potato shape. The dough is fried in boiling oil. At the end the chips are powdered with flavors.

Acrylamide is the most harmful ingredient found in the Pringles chips, according to the research. This ingredient is extremely dangerous carcinogen. It has been proved that cause cancer in lab animals. The chips contains higher amounts of Acrylamide than allowed, so it can be really harmful for human nervous system.

This dangerous toxin is formed during the preparation at high temperatures, when creates yellow/brown crust on the surface.


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