Breaking: Scientists Finally Made Sea Water Drinkable, Producing 6.3 Million Liters a Day!

Scientists in India found a way to make water from sea drinkable for humans. This process can prepareВ 6.3 million liter of drinkable waterВ every day. This method also can makeВ filtration ofВ groundwater which containsВ arsenic and uranium.

Breaking Scientists Finally Made Sea Water Drinkable Producing 6 Million Liters a Day

This project was developed in Tamil Nadu’s Kalpakkam and it was built from team of scientists from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. It uses waste steam from a nuclear reactor to purify the seawater.

At this moment theВ fresh water is being used at the Kudankulam nuclear reactorВ and itВ doesn’t haveВ saline at all.

“Besides, BARC has developed several membranes, by which, at a very small cost, groundwater contaminated by uranium or arsenic can be purified and make fit for drinking,” – said KN Vyas, Director, Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Mumbai.

TheВ Prime Minister Narendra Modi had pedalled a bicycle that had a water purifier installed on it.В It turns dirty contaminated water into potable water. Turning the pedals produces the energy the purifier needs.

The scientists also made severalВ household water purifiers. They useВ thin membranes and special filters to separate the contaminants.


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