If You Blow on the Thumb, It Will Have an Amazing Effect on Your Body!

The human body isВ mysterious, sometimes strange system. Some problem or disease can occur suddenly,В but also it can beВ solved the same way. There are some simple tricks which can help us to control our organism.

If You Blow on the Thumb It Will Have an Amazing Effect on Your Body

Discomfort in the throat

Consuming hot tea or rinsing with salt water is very beneficial for your throat. But, now we are going to show you a less known way – you just need to scratch your ear!

Even theВ otorhinolaryngologists claim that this method can help you becauseВ scratching the ear stimulates the ear endings, creating a muscle spasm in the throat.

Calm nerves

When you feel nervous you should urgently try to calm down and wash yourself with cold water. TheВ nerveВ receptors will get cold and you will hold your breath for a moment. Then, the bodyВ begins to bring oxygen, and it helps for your nervous system to calms down.

You can reach the same effect by drinking a glass of water.

Fear of injections

Some people are afraid when they need to get injection. If you are one of them, you should try cough a little before that – this will help distract from the painful procedure. However, first warn the nurse about your plan.

Stuffy nose

If you have a stuffy nose, just put theВ tongue on the plate. Then, pressВ the area above the eyebrows with your fingers. Wait twenty second and you will feel much better.

Prevent scars from burns

If you have burn, you shouldn’t rush forВ bag of ice. Try this method -В gently press the burned area with your fingertips. It will make the temperature of the burn part of the body to return to normal body temperature on a natural way.


If you haveВ toothache, just put aВ ice on your hand, and then move it to the area between the thumb and forefinger. The nerve ends which are on the end of the hand and face will sendВ the appropriate signal to the brain, and the pain subsides.


If you feel a strange sense of nervousness in the stomach and palpitations, caused by fright, you should calmed down and went back to normal. Try to blow your thumb. There is vagus nerve which is a literal connection between body and mind. This nerve is responsible for our “gut feeling”.

Source:В foodsandhealthylife.com


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