The Biggest Discovery: Scientists Found a Vaccine That Cures Many Diseases!

Scientists from Russia have foundВ a revolutionary drug that can cure cancer, AIDS, hepatitis and tuberculosis.

The Biggest Discovery Scientists Found a Vaccine That Cures All Diseases!

TheВ vaccine is able to modify the dendritic cells in theВ immune system.

The malfunctioning immune system is one of the reasons for AIDS, hepatitis B, and tuberculosis -В Vladimir Kozlov said. He is aВ director of the research institute for fundamental and clinical immunology in Novosibirsk, Russia.

From the laboratory tests, it is found that the modified cells can cure tumor six times more effectively, compared to ordinaryВ cells.

This vaccine might be a great solution for those whoВ are suffering from breast cancer and ovarian cancer received the drug during and after chemotherapy.

When the patient is vaccinated, it is not necessary toВ visits the doctor again becauseВ of recurrence the tumor. Also, the vaccine doesn’t has side effects.В The research found that the vaccine is also effective against hepatitis B.

Scientists believe that the vaccine is veryВ precise, because it affects only the infected cells.


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