Bad Spring Season Ahead – Tips For Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

The changing weather with beautiful sunny skies, then snow, then more sunny skies is the perfect combination for a bad allergy season. Warmer weather means allergy season is on the way.

Bad Spring Season Ahead - Tips For Dealing With Seasonal Allergies

The extreme hot and cold change during the winter, means a rough season for allergy suffers, according to experts. The main culprits of this phenomenon are the trees, grass and weeds.

The pollen season has started two weeks early this year. Yesterday was measured the highest pollen count from the beginning of 2016.

“This spring pollen season has already gotten off to a big start,” said Dr. Manaz Singla. “We’ve already seen higher levels this year at this point than same time last year.”

“If you have bad seasonal allergies, you probably need a nasal steroid spray, which you can get from you doctor or over the counter, and those take a week or two to really kick in,” Singla said. “So if you know you have bad seasonal allergies, start your medicine now.”

The doctors are offering tips to keep you from feeling miserable. When the pollen count is high:

  • stay at home
  • keep your windows closed
  • shower before bed to prevent pollen from getting on your sheets
  • you should use nasal sprays or allergy medication

In the video below, you can find 7 tips to survive allergy season:


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