This is How Your Baby Feeds From the Womb (Video)

Have you ever wondered how does an unborn child receive food while in the womb?В The baby gets food,В oxygen and water, directly from it’s mother’s bloodstream.

This is How Your Baby Feeds From the Womb Video

This processВ is happening in two-steps. There are mother’s blood supply and baby’s blood supply. The mother’s blood flows in to a network of bloodВ vessels and capillaries. The beneficial elements of the mother’s blood, such asВ glucose, proteins, fats, oxygen, etc. flow out of the mother’s blood supply. Then, they are absorbed into another network ofВ blood vessels and capillaries containing the baby’s blood supply. From the baby’s supply, the blood is able to flowВ through the umbilical cord directlyВ to the baby.

When the mother eats something, all the beneficial elements which are needed for the baby are absorbed in the mother’s blood stream. They travel to the placenta and are absorbed by the babyВ through the umbilical cord.

Pregnancy women should eat healthy food, such as fruits and vegetables, and they need to drink plentyВ of water.

Below you can see aВ 3D animationВ how the food you eat gets broken down into tiny elements, is absorbed into your bloodstream, then passes across the placenta to theВ baby.

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