Awareness: The Path to Personal Power

Reveal the marvelous world inside you that allows you to attain anything you desire.

In this video, I mention that you are a spiritual being and spirit operates by law. That’s an important thing to understand so let’s take a moment to understand the concept of law.

Law is a process that works for everyone, everywhere, all the time. It’s the process from which the unseen becomes the seen. It’s how the invisible becomes the visible. It’s the process through which the dreamer manifests the dream.

There are only three parts to this magnificent process:

1) Spirit, which is the source of all creation.

2) The mind, or spirit in motion, is the process of creation.

3) The object of creation, which is everything and anything that we can perceive through our senses.

All of the physical laws of the universe are this three-step process of consciousness in motion. When we understand these laws and apply them in our lives, we can create anything we want.

Look at this way. Nature uses these laws to create an ocean or a star. These same laws can also bring about the fulfillment of our deepest desires.

Stop looking at other people as being something you’re not. Your spiritual DNA is perfect. There truly is no end to what you can do. Your true Self has unlimited creative power.

It really is all about awareness. And just one moment of it can shift the course of your entire life.

To your success,
Bob Proctor


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