Amazing: She Lies On Her Back With a Pillow Between Her Knees For One Brilliant Reason! (Video)

Have you prepared your body for the summer session? If not, here are someВ effective exercises which can be done at home.

Amazing She Lies On Her Back With a Pillow Between Her Knees For One Brilliant Reason Video

These exercises willВ toneВ legs and inner thighs,В tone your quads and hamstrings, and you will get ridВ of some fat on your thighs.

The exercises:

1. Plie/Sumo squats

For this exercise you need to place tour feet wider than shoulder -В width apart and your toes should be pointed outward. Then bring your hands in front of you and lower down into a squat. You should go as low into the squat as you can. Make sure you willВ keep your knees above your toes.В Push up from your entire foot, the balls of your feet and your heels. It is important not to round your shoulders. KeepВ your back straight and your core tight.В When you are contracting the muscles, you should exhale. As you go down you should inhale and on the way up you should exhale.

2. Plie/Sumo pulses

While you are in aВ squatting position, you should bend your legs and then pulse up and down with small movements of 30 seconds. This exercise will warm up your inner thighs for the rest of the routine.

3. Single leg lateral hops

For this exercise you should place some object on the floor which will be your marker. Stand on one leg and jump left and right between the marker. Try to slightly bent the knee of the other leg. Try to hopping at least 10 times with both legs. Firstly you can start with a small distance of hopping until your knees become stronger. Maybe you will have some difficulties to obtain the balance,В but just stick to it and your stability will grow.

4. Bridge raises

With this exercise you can improveВ your inner thighs and your butt and glue muscles. Start with laying on your back on the floor and bend your legs. Try to keep your knees together, but your feet separated.В Use a pillow or a rolled towel between your thighs. Start lifting your hips up and lower them down byВ squeezing your knees. Try to keep the tension on the pillow or the towel.

5. Raised bridge pulses

For this exercise you should stay in the same position line as the last one. Start lifting your hips into a bridge withВ pillow between your knees.В Slowly squeeze the pillow with your knees about 30 times. Try to do really small pulses. Then, lower your pelvis when you are done and relax your back.

6. The thigh gap toner

For this exercise you need to lie down on the floor on your side and extend your bottom leg out and cross your top leg over it. Prop your head up with your hand or rest your head on your arm. Begin by lifting your bottom leg upward. Keep your foot parallel to the floor and focus on only raising your heel of that foot toward the ceiling. Try to stay your upper body in the same position whole time.

It is recommended to do these exercises about two-three times per week.


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