Amazing: You Can Remove The Ticks With Salt

There are a lot of trick to remove the tick from your skin. Some people are using tweezers, but some of the tricks includes oil or some soap. There is also one trick with using acetone, but we advise you not to try it.

Amazing You Can Remove The Ticks With Salt

The best method for removing the tick is to place salt and put a piece of soaked cotton. With this simple method the tick will come out by itself for about 20 minutes.

We also suggest you to keep the tick in a box and take it to a laboratory. They can determine if the tick has some contagious disease, such as encephalitis.

In addition we will show you how to prepare remedy against ticks or mosquitoes. You should use it before you go in nature to prevent yourself from stings.


  • Boil 200ml of water
  • Put 25 grams of carnation
  • Leave it to simmer about 15 minutes
  • Wait to cool down at a room temperature
  • Add 2 tablespoons of alcohol


You just need to rub the mixture. Also, it can be used for your pet.

Until now, there is no case where anyone get any ticks for 10 years of using this remedy.


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