The Alkaline Diet That All Cancer Patients Should Read Immediately

As you probably know, pH level is a number who shows the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. All of us should maintain a good pH balance in order to stay in a good health condition.

The Alkaline Diet That All Cancer Patients Should Read Immediately

Raw Food Health stated “The human body goes to great lengths to maintain a slightly alkaline PH of 7.35, but poor diet and stress can change the PH to an acidic one in which disease can thrive.

It’s very difficult to maintain a good alkaline balance if you are eating unhealthy food, such as processed foods, packages snacks, fast foods and microwave meals.

A good alkaline balance is essential for those who suffer from serious diseases, such as cancer.

Unhealthy food can cause imbalance of the pH level in your body, so it will create an acidic environment which is favorable for creating cancer cells. But, an alkaline diet will restore the balance and fight inflammation.

We suggest you to include organic leafy green vegetables, root vegetables, broccoli, beans, herbs and spices, lentils and peas, cauliflower and cabbages, onions, garlic, leek and chives, nuts and seeds, and small amount of non-gluten grains.

Few times a week you need to include meats, such as clean fish, grass-fed meat, or organic poultry.

Fresh fruits and vegetables can be used as much as you can!

You should avoid gluten, because it leads to inflammation. We suggest you to search for a non-gluten recipes.

Cancer cells are using more glucose compared to the other cells, so you should avoid sugar.

Dairy is one of the most cancer promoting foods, which this is due to the casein protein. – said Prof. (Emeritus) T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Cornell University Cow.


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