Add Salt to Your Shampoo and Solve One of the Biggest Hair Problems

The salt is mainlyВ used for eating, but it has some other uses as well. Adding salt in your beauty products can improve the effect and make your skin and hair impeccable.В We are going to show you a simple trick that helps to solve a common hair problem.

Many of us have a problem withВ oily hair. They are probably not aware how easy the problem can be solved! All you need to do is toВ add 2 to 3 tablespoons of salt in your shampoo. Mix well or shake it to combine the salt with the solution. Wash your hairВ regularly as you do, just shake the shampoo before using. Your hair and scalp will be improved inВ just a few days.

You can use a salt toВ scrub your body. For this purpose it’s recommended to useВ coarse sea salt. Just prepare a mixture of coconut oil withВ 2 tablespoons ofВ coarse sea salt. Store the mixture in a glass jar and leave it in aВ cool place.

The salt can be also used asВ foot exfoliator. You can prepare a mixture of 50% salt and 50%В olive oil and rub yourВ feet with it. It’s recommended to do this twice a week.

Paper cut can be reallyВ annoying and painful thing. The best solution about this problem is to mix 2 teaspoons of sodium chloride in one glass of water. Just put a little water on the cut and it willВ disinfect it.

Salt can also help you to relieve a headache. JustВ dissolve one tablespoon of salt in a glass of water, and drink the mixture.


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