9 Terrific Reasons To Use Hydrogen Peroxide In The Garden

Along with vinegar and baking soda, Hydrogen peroxide belongs to the list of the most effective multi-purpose products you can have in your home. Besides being used for sanitizing injuries, hydrogen peroxide can be used in the garden as well. Surprising, right?

Even though it is not an organic solution, hydrogen peroxide is completely safe to use in every type of garden, including vegetables. The best part is that is easily available and will not cost you a fortune!

  1. Peroxide helps heal sick plants

Hydrogen peroxide is the most effective option for treating root rot. Root rot can develop if the soil is too compact. So, you should mix 1 part of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2 parts of water. Pour this solution on the infected roots of your plant and you will see the amazing results!

  1. Peroxide can prevent infections on cut plants and trees

The solution of peroxide and water can effectively treat infection on plant leaves. This will disinfect the area, thus prevent the disease from spreading. Just spray the solution on the infected plants.

  1. Peroxide help seeds grow faster

In order to speed up the growth of seeds, you should soak the seeds in a week solution of peroxide and water and let them stand for a few minutes. Then, rinse and plant them.

  1. Peroxide keeps bugs away

Instead of using expensive repellents, you can use 1% hydrogen peroxide that will protect your plants from bugs.

  1. Peroxide works as a rooting agent

A good base (the root) is essential for a healthy and strong plant. Peroxide can help you to boost your roots.В  Moreover, it will revive limp leaves. Mix peroxide and water and spray the solution in the solution into the soil around your plant.

  1. Peroxide helps aerate the soil

In order to survive, all types of plants need 3 basic things: air, water, and food. If the soil is very compact, this shows that the roots don’t have enough circulation to grow properly.  Moreover, excessive dense soil is the cause for a disease. You should apply 1 part peroxide and 2 parts water to the roots in order to aerate the soil around your plant.

  1. Use peroxide to disinfect garden tools

Sanitizing your tools can prevent the spread of disease in your plants. You should soak your tools in 1 gallon of water and 2 cups of peroxide.

  1. Treat your water with hydrogen peroxide

Add a little peroxide to your water before watering your plants in order to make the water you feet your plants a little healthier. The peroxide has the ability to eliminate chemicals and pesticides from tap water, thus making it healthier!

  1. Nix mold and mildew with peroxide

You can easily remove mold and mildew by mixing 10 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide and 1 liter of water. Spray the solution until you get rid of the mold or fungus.

Note: Even though hydrogen peroxide is safe and extremely effective and can provide great results, do not forget the fact that it is still a chemical. Don’t boil peroxide because it can explode!

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