This 85 Years Old Woman Had a Hunchback For Decades. This Fixed It! (Video)

Most people are living whole life with various types of pain caused by theirВ health issues. One of them is Anna Pesce, which hadВ herniated disc, scoliosis, and osteoporosis. SheВ walked around with a hunchback for decades.

This 85 Years Old Woman Had a Hunchback For Decades This Fixed It Video

In 2014 year, while visiting her children, she collapsedВ when she tried to climb the stairs.

“I had this horrible pain shooting up my back. I had to be carried up the stairs and put into a wheelchair for the rest of my stay.” said the woman in an interview published in the New York Post.

It was a turning point for her, soВ she decided to visit some yoga instructor for help.

Rachel Jesien is specialized for back care, and showed Anna some stretching poses, like “chair savasana” and the “child’s pose”.

Within only one month,В Ana started walking again!

“After two months, another big milestone was that [Anna] knew what poses to do whenever the usual pains would come up for her. For example, if she was having hip pain, she’d sit on a chair and do an ankle-to-knee pose.” says Rachel.

The combination of certified yoga and proper guidance can be amazing. It can soothes the pain in the back,В increases the density of bones, and strengthens the muscles.

Anna has experienced incredible improvements of her conditions.


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