7 Yoga Poses That Will Help You Fall Asleep And Stay Asleep (Video)

Yoga has well-documented benefits on both our physical and mental health. We live busy, hectic, sometimes stressful lives and yoga helps slow down before getting a restful night’s sleep. These are 7 poses I do before bed every night. I highly recommend you try them.

Yoga Poses Fall Asleep

1. Nadi Shodhan Pranayama

This is the first pose you should do. This breathing exercise helps focus the mind before you begin your evening decompression yoga.

2. Half pigeon pose

Allow yourself to set in this pose for 3-5 minutes for each of your legs. It stretches your legs and hips effectively. It takes some practice but it will improve your overall flexibility over time.

3. Supta Baddha Konasana

Again, a good length to hold this pose is 3-5 minutes. It stretches and strengthens the groin.

4. Caterpillar pose

We recommend spending 3-5 minutes in this forward-fold pose. This strengthens and stretches the legs and hips.

5. Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is called the King of Restorative Yoga. This is one pose you won’t want to do if you’re pregnant, have neck problems, high blood pressure, or eye conditions.

6. Sphinx pose

This is my favorite of the bunch. We recommend staying in this pose for 2-4 minutes. It strengthens and stretches both the abdominal area and back. Be sure not to tense up.

7. Child’s pose

And we end with child’s pose. Be sure to practice your deep breathing. Hold for 5-10 minutes.

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