7 Science-Backed Benefits of Juicing Raw Garlic (and How to Drink It Without Getting Bad Breath)

Garlic contains a chemical called allicin. “This chemical has been known for a long time for it’s anti-bacterial and anti-fungal powers”, says Helen Bond, a Derbyshire-based consultant dietitian and spokeswoman for the British Dietetic Association. (1)

7 Science Backed Benefits of Juicing Raw Garlic and How to Drink It Without Getting Bad Breath

According to Washington State University: garlic is 100 times more effective than two popular antibiotics at fighting disease causing bacteria commonly responsible for foodborne illness.

Garlic is a popular, healthy and easily accessible superspice that keeps you fit, healthy and happy. There are many ways how to consume garlic or how to prepare a natural remedy from it. (2)

Definitely, the best and the most potent ways to consume garlic is by juicing it. Here is why:

  • Helps asthma: You can control asthma attack with a mixture of a few drops of garlic juice, honey and a glass of water.
  • Balances your cholesterol: Drinking garlic juice can reduce the thickening, hardening and shrinking of arteries.
  • Helps coughs and sore throats: You can ease sore throats and coughs by mixing garlic juice and hot water. Also, you can add some pomegranate juice.
  • Aids hair growthApply some garlic juice on your bald spots twice a day and leave it until it dries. You may see results within days.
  • Helps insect bites: Just massage garlic juice on your bites for instant relief.
  • Controls infertility: Women can control infertility by drinking a combination of few drops of garlic juice with warm milk (almond or coconut).
  • Clears acne and pimples: You can get rid of acne and pimples by applying a garlic juice on your skin. You should leave it for 5 minutes before washing your face.

Prepare a Garlic Juice

  • Bulb of organic garlic
  • Coffee filter
  • Fine mesh sieve
  • Food processor
  • Spoon
  1. Peel one garlic.
  2. Blend it into a wet paste.
  3. Put the garlic paste into the mesh sieve over the bowl.
  4. Press the paste with a spoon to allow the garlic juice to drop into the bowl.
  5. Filter the garlic juice with a coffee filter.
  6. Store it in a bottle and keep it refrigerated for future use.

How to Take a Garlic Juice

  • The simplest way is to drink the pure garlic juice directly. You can add water to decrease potency works too.
  • You can mix the garlic juice with some other vegetables, fruits, green juices and smoothies.
  • You can also substitute whole garlic with garlic juice in your recipes.
  • You can take it with soup or salad by adding a few drops of garlic juice.
  • Drizzle garlic juice with some herbs onto your bread.
  • Use some garlic juice when steaming, stir-frying, or baking vegetables.

Get Rid of Bad Breath

  • Consume green tea.
  • Chew on some parsley.
  • Eat spinach.
  • Consume lemon juice or a glass of lemon water.
  • Eat raw apples.

Source: topnaturaltips.com

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