6 Signs You’re A Negative Person

We cannot always choose the situations we go through in life, but we can definitely choose our reaction for each situation.

6 Signs You're A Negative Person

Negativity is shownВ differently in each person. Broadly speaking though, negative people are more likely to focus on and bring up the flaws in situations, or talk about things they dislike. They have a cynical, pessimistic attitude. They may be straight up moody or grumpy, or have more of a subtle prickly, sarcastic edge to them.

Here are 6 signs if you are one of them:

You can’t stop trying to control everything

Some people are just controlling. They worry about the outcome of every little event in life. This is an incredibly toxic behavior. You can’t control everything. Let go.

You’re a constant downer

No one likes a Debbie Downer. Pessimism only sows seeds of doubt in the people around you. It clouds judgement and prevents an ideal future from coming true. Negative people never create positive things.

You dish it out but you can’t take it

You might give someone a ribbing now and then but if they give it back, you take serious offense. Those around feel like they constantly have to walk on egg shells around you. It’s time to start rolling with the punches.

You don’t believe in yourself

It’s good to challenge your own assumptions, it can help you improve upon your own ideas, and make you the best person you can be. But if you simply don’t believe in yourself, you’re bound to fail! A little self-confidence can go a long way!

You suck the life out of those around you

It’s a tough thing to describe, but there are some people in this world who, for some reason or another, totally suck the life out of people. The things you say are unnerving and your behavior offends people. At the end of an evening with you, your friends feel like they need to go to bed.

You can’t be happy for those around you

For negative people, no good news is every truly good news unless it’s their good news. Anytime something good happens to someone around you, do you tear them down? If you’re friend tells a good story, do you feel like you have to tell a better one? Learn to be happy for those around you and it will make you happier too!


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