6 Pretty, Healthy Mason Jar Salad Recipes

Use mason jars to layer these salad recipes from YumUniverse’s Heather Crosby for a fast lunch of fresh and healthy ingredients.

Hearty Chickpea, Kale & Artichoke Heart Salad


Layer 1:

1 tbsp coconut aminos*
1 tbsp juice from marinated artichoke hearts
Pinch fine-ground sea salt

Salad Fixins
Layer 2: 3–4 marinated artichoke hearts (from a jar), quartered
Layer 3: 1–2 mushrooms like baby bellas or white, sliced
Layer 4: 2 tbsp red bell pepper, diced
Layer 5: 1/4 cup broccoli florets
Layer 6: 1/4 cup cooked chickpeas
Layer 7: 1 cup raw kale, chopped

*Coconut aminos are a gluten-free, soy-free soy sauce alternative. Feel free to use tamari, nama shoyu or soy sauce if you don’t have any sensitivities.


1. In a small bowl, place chopped kale and add a pinch of salt. Squeeze the leaves over and over until kale starts to wilt—about 2 minutes. This process removes bitterness from the leaves and softens them, too.
2. Beginning with layer 1 as the bottom, fill jar in layers upward from there.

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