6 Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

Do you know what is skin icing? It’s an old technique which is used inВ spas and skin care treatments for skin quality improvement. You can also use this method at home,В without spending hundreds on expensive spa treatments.

6 Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

The benefits of this technique:

  1. Makes your skin glow

It can improveВ the blood circulation. Better circulation gives you more natural face look and fresh glow skin.

  1. Reduces stains

It’s great to solve theВ problems with blemishes, pimples, redness and skin inflammation. You can treat acne as well by applying ice cubes directly on them. All you need to do is toВ place an ice cube and hold it for a few seconds. We recommend you to do this technique before bed time and repeat the process every other day.

  1. Eliminate dark circles

You can eliminate the dark circles under the eyes with a frozen water with cucumber juice.

  1. Skin toning

You can apply skin icing before makeup. It willВ minimizes the pores,В and the foundation looks smooth and flawless.

  1. An excellent substitute for make up

When you need to apply makeup but you don’t have time, you can apply skin icing. It will refresh your look. Just put someВ ice cubes in a cloth and run them over your face. Your skin will be radiant and fresh.

  1. Wrinkle prevention

Regularly using of this technique will reduce wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones.

Important things you need to know while using skin icing:

  • When you apply the ice cubes, you don’t have to always useВ a cloth, but it’s recommended. You can also use gloves, so that the cubes won’t melt right away.
  • The result of applying the ice cubes directly is the same as you apply with cloth.
  • You should avoid extreme cold, because it can damage the small capillaries under the skin. It’s recommended not to useВ the ice cubes right out of the freezer, and wait a minute or two before applying them on your face.
  • If you already have damaged capillaries this technique is not recommended.
  • You should stop the icing if you feel like you can’t take the cold anymore. Don’t keep them on your face for more than 15 minutes.
  • To achieveВ better results, you can prepareВ aВ mixture of waterВ with rose water, lemon juice, chamomile tea, green tea, cucumber or any other beneficial fruit or herb. Freeze the mixtureВ and give yourself the ultimate spa experience.

Source:В healthyrecipesandideas.com

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