50-Year-Old Man Cures Lung Cancer With Cannabis Oil, Stuns CBS News

Darren Miller, 50-year-old man from Illinois has successfully cured lung cancer with a combination of cannabis oil and chemotherapy.


The doctors gave him only a year to live and suggest him to undergo chemotherapy in order to prolong his life.

The statistics show that lung cancer is one of the deadliest cancers with a very low survival rate. When he was diagnosed the cancer was in Stage IA, but it progresses to Stage IV. The change of recovery with Stage IV lung cancer is only 1%.

Darren did a research about the benefits of cannabis oil and how it helped hundreds of other peoples. Then he decided to go with a chemotherapy treatments with combination of cannabis oil, in hope that he would be able to fight the cancer.

He and his wife moved to California where the controversial treatment is available. Just in seven months Darren has been declared as a cancer-free person!

“Today, which is seven months later, they tell me I am completely cancer-free – not remission. I’ve cured my cancer. Now, am I giving credit to the cannabis oil? Absolutely. Am I giving credit to chemo? I would have to say yes, too. I did both.” – he said for CBC News.

He moved back to Illinois where he runs a “compassionate cannabis” program for helping people to fight cancer.

“What we’re doing is we’re just making small amounts to keep it around and educating others on how to do this,” he said. “Because if you have access to any kind of cannabis, I can give you links on my site to show you how to do this in your own kitchen and save your life.” – Miller said.

Source: trueactivist.com

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