5 Great and Easy Exercises For an Amazing Bubble Butt

OnlyВ 4 to 10 minutes per day can be just as effective as longer routines. You shouldВ perform the prescribed exercises using correct form, taking recommended rest periods, and completing the workout three times per week. The program “5 Moves to Get a Bubble Butt” is designed to lift, round, and build the gluteal muscles.

5 Great Easy Exercises For an Amazing Bubble Butt

TIP: While you are performing the exercises, keep your focus on the butt muscles by keeping them tight throughout the move. Also, a great way to lift the butt is by doing small pulses throughout the day. For example, squeeze and release your butt muscles as often as possible. It’s easy to perform this effective lift when in the shower or preparing dinner.

Equipment needed: yoga mat or soft surface; chair or desk for stability; interval timer (recommend Gymboss app, it’s free)

Beginner Workout: Perform one circuit three times weekly and gradually increase until you are able to complete two circuits at one time. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest 15 seconds after each one.

Intermediate to Advanced Workout: Perform two circuits three times weekly. Perform each exercise for 1 minute and rest 30 seconds after each circuit.

  1. Single Leg Bridge (each leg: perform 30 seconds for beginners and 1 minute for
    intermediate to advanced)
  2. Alternating Side Lunge
  3. Full Range-of-Motion Squats
  4. Squat with Alternating Side Leg Raise
  5. Squat Jump

Single Leg Bridge

Alternating Side Lunge

Full Range-of-Motion Body Weight Squats

Squat with Side Leg Raise

Squat Jump


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