These Are The 5 Food Sources of Potassium You Must Have In Your Diet

The majority of people think that banana is a superior alternative for sports drinks. On the other hand, there are people who think that it’s a natural bar for vitality. Regardless of your sentiment, banana will provide you with many advantages.

Boxers, athletes, and football players consider banana as a rich source of potassium. The daily recommended amount of potassium the body needs is 4.700 mg and banana provides 11 percent of this amount, or to be more precise, 422 mg. According to studies, banana provides more potassium from the sport drinks.

Potassium is both a mineral and an electrolyte. In fact, it stands out from most of the essential electrolyte sorts for the human body. In addition, it can make the cell to work properly and can activate the bodily electrical impulses.

Potassium deficiency can cause:

  • Muscle issues
  • Heart palpitations
  • Fatigue
  • Dizzy spells

Although bananas are the wellspring of potassium, they aren’t the only food rich in potassium. the following foods are even richer in potassium than bananas:


A spinach portion contains 839 mg of potassium. It can be included to a portion of mixed greens or in a burger. If you love smoothie, you can even add it in it.


A portion of avocado contains 478 mg of potassium, meaning that if you eat a whole avocado, you will get 708 mg of potassium.

Coconut Water

After an intense workout, the body needs proper hydration. The best way to do so is to drink coconut water. A glass of coconut water contains 480 mg of potassium.

Sweet Potato

130 g of sweet potato will provide you with 438 mg of potassium. Moreover, sweet potato has starches, that causes the potassium to strengthen the utilized glycogen.

Plain Nonfat Yogurt

A portion of 8 oz. contains 579 grams of potassium. In addition, it contains an immense amount of proteins which is essential for the body when you want to have muscles.

People who exercise are advised to consume these nourishments which are extremely rich in potassium. Include these products in your diet having in mind the end goal you want to achieve and to prevent potassium insufficiency!

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