These 4 Essential Oils Will Help You Sleep Better At Night

Essential oils are popular as alternative therapies to rub into the skin or to inhale. Not only they smell good, but they will make you feel good as well!

Besides having the ability to improve your hair, skin and body, these aromatic essences, known as essential oils can also improve the quality of your sleep. So, let’s find out more how essential oils will help you sleep better:

  1. Clary Sage

Used in aromatherapy and perfumery, Clary Sage essential oil can restore calm and help you fall asleep easier. It has strong sedative properties, so it is not recommended for individuals wishing to lead or work then!

  1. Lavender oil

It can be used in diffusion in a room to soothe the agitation and calm the nervousness. To treat migraine, massage this oil on the temples. It will relieve the pain and improve your sleep as well.

  1. Chamomile oil

Chamomile oil has strong soothing and pre- anesthetic properties and is very helpful for people suffering from insomnia and stress. Chamomile oil also provides incredible results in cases of depression and nerve attacks.

  1. Basil Oil

Basil essential oil is extremely beneficial for treating anxiety or nerve insomnia. To treat sleep problems, you can the oil (just like chamomile and lavender) in diffusion in a room. However, you can also dilute it in a vegetable oil and use it for massage. This will help you treat anxiety, and cal muscular or digestive spasms.

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