12 Types of Pain That are Directly Linked to Emotional States

Do you know that emotions can cause chronic pain?

12 types of pain linked to emotional states

According to Dr. Susan Babel, “Studies have shown that chronic pain might not only be caused by physical injury but also by stress and emotional issues.”Also, “Physical pain functions to warn a person that there is still emotional work to be done.”

Here is what does the chronic pain one feels say about emotional state:

  • Head
    Headaches or migraines can be brought on by the stress of day to day life. If one gets chronic headaches, they need to take some time for themselves. Not just once, but daily. Relieving the body of stress may help to ease any head pain.
  • Neck
    Contrary to popular belief, neck pain does not mean kids are driving one crazy. Pain in the neck signifies the need to forgive. It may be forgiveness of another person or even forgiveness of one’s self. It is important to think about the things one loves about themselves and others to fight this pain.
  • Shoulders
    Shoulder pain is a sign that one may be carrying a heavy emotional burden. Basically, they are shouldering everything. Try to think of ways to solve this emotional problem or share the load with trusted friends or family.
  • Upper Back
    Lack of emotional support can manifest in upper back pain. Maybe one does not feel appreciated, or they are holding back feelings of affection. If one is in a relationship, maybe have a discussion about feelings. If one is single, it might be time to branch out.
  • Lower Back
    Lower back pain may signify someone has financial worries. Try to sit down and focus on managing money better or hire a financial planner. It might also be time to ask for that well-deserved raise.
  • Elbows
    Arm and elbow pain may mean a lack of flexibility. Maybe one is resisting the natural changes that are occurring in their lives. Try shaking things up and going with the flow. Attempting to fight change only brings trouble.
  • Hands
    A lack of friends or reaching out may cause pain in the hands. Try making new friends or going to lunch with work associates. Spend some time actively meeting new people.
  • Hips
    Fear of moving, change and waiting to make a big decision could all cause pain in the hips. Make the changes one needs and move on needed. Also, make a choice and stick with it!
  • Knees
    Knee pain may mean that one thinks too highly of themselves. Spend some time volunteering and remember that all people are mortal. No one is free of imperfections.
  • Calves
    Emotional tension, stress or jealousy may be the cause of calf pain. It may be time to let go of any big stressors in one’s life or to dump the jealousy.
  • Ankles
    Ankle pain may mean one needs more pleasure in his or her life. Take some time to pamper yourself or spice up your love life. Indulge a little bit!
  • Feet
    Depression can lead to foot pain. Depression is hard to beat, but there are some things one can do to fight back. Try a new hobby or adopt a pet. Find something that gives joy!

The video below is about how emotional stress can create chronic pain and ways to help yourself.


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